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APCalc 4.2

APCalc 4.2

APCalc Publisher's Description

Advanced Programmable Calculator - Color or B/W Variables, conditional branching (labels), looping, comparison (==, !=, ), Graphing without programming, base conversion (2-36), financial functions (N, I, PV, FV, PMT), scientific functions, 64 bit floating point, degree/radian modes, programmability, store and recall functions, multiple simultaneous display of results, input prompting, output labels, internal program database, Multiple Instructions per line, and more. Expressions, like: sin(x1) cos(x1 y1) cos(ang2), can be saved and executed as a sequence of expressions (programs). Auto prompting at the first occurance of variable (or variable assignment with =).

  • 27 Scientific Functions
  • 62 APCalc Functions
  • 11 Graphing Functions
  • 5 Financial Functions
  • Statistical Functions
  • Base conversions (2-36)
  • Auto Prompting Vars.
  • Single Step Execution
  • Import/Export to MemoPad
  • 108 Progs/Subroutines
  • 108 User Definable Function Keys
  • 64 Program Steps
  • 100 User Registers
  • History Stack (last 32)
  • Var. Popup List (last 30)
  • Assign any program to any Function Key
  • Graphing without programming
  • Choice List Popup
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